To ensure the smooth functioning of IViL, IViLians volunteer to take up different administrative tasks such as:


Monitoring the progress of all projects within IViL.


1. Budget and managing funds.

2.Keeping account of all expenses.

Public Relation And Publicity

1. Updating and maintaining the IViL website.

2. Documenting IViL activities

3. Making posters and other media of publicity as and when required.


Managing field visits, meeting venues and requirements for events like KnowEx, Fresher Orientation Meet etc.

Administrative Interface

1. Regularly meeting with the Faculty Advisor

2. Writing Reports to the Dean, Deputy Director and IViL Faculty Advisor.

3. Managing the webmail and other IViL email accounts.


Current Administration

If you need specific information, wish to share ideas or join a specific project, do get in touch with the respective admin member:

General Administration
Area Name Email Id
Coordinators Sai S Kalyan
Ishita Khatri
Nanda Kumar S
Documentation Aneetha Ibrahim
Project Name Email Id
Cycle Donation Abhijit Rathod
Nanda Kumar S
Aditya Nehra
Gadget Donation Surya Prasad S
Sankalp Sai S. Kalyan
Prachi Saraf
Annie Renny
Ignited Minds Conference Sai S. Kalyan
Kumaresan Paneerselvam
Surya Prasad S
E-vidyaloka Hub Ishita Khatri
Agriculture Project Shashank
Content and Video Creation Krithi Gupta
Foodstall Ardra S Shibu
Kottur Gypsy Colony Teaching Project Sakthivel